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About Keyboard Genius

It’s so simple, even adults will understand it!

Learn to Type with Keyboard Genius

What is Keyboard Genius?

Keyboard Genius was invented by a Sydney mother of two boys. Keyboard Genius came about because her eldest son (13 at the time) wanted to learn how to type correctly and quickly, so he could complete homework and assignments in less time. Both her boys learned to touch type using Keyboard Genius.

So How does Keyboard Genius work?

Keyboard Genius comprises stickers that are quickly and easily applied to individual keys on the keyboard. Each sticker is colour and number coded to show which finger should be used for each key.  The stickers can be removed, if you wish, once you learn to type

Keyboard Genius is suitable for all ages from primary school children just starting out on their first computer, through to high school and uni students, as well as working adults, stay at home mums and dads and seniors. In fact, anyone who uses a computer can benefit from learning how to touch type.

Learn to Type - 28 Day Typing Trial

Using prototypes, trials were carried out by participants of all ages and from different backgrounds to assess the effectiveness of Keyboard Genius. With only 15 minutes practice each day, over 28 consecutive days, school children, teachers, business and home based people all learned how to touch type correctly. In fact, the results were amazing! You can find out more about these trials on the Trial Results page.

Encouraged by the overwhelming success of the trials and the unanimously positive feedback from all participants, Keyboard Genius was developed and is now available to anyone who uses a computer and wants to
learn to type correctly. 

Typing in the Work Force

It's also increasingly recognised in the educational and corporate world that being able to type correctly is not just an advantage, it's a necessity. A recent article quotes a leading training organisation explaining that being able to type at 45wpm is now seen as a job requirement for anyone wanting to be in IT or an administrative role. Not to mention the increasing use of emails as the most common means of communication in any business environment. 

Keyboard Genius comes complete with simple 7-step instructions so you can learn to type correctly from the moment you put the stickers on your keyboard.  

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  • Suitable for all ages from 5-99+
  • Brilliantly simple and intuitive to use
  • Improves speed and accuracy so you can get more done in less time
  • Improves typing skills every time you use the keyboard
  • Fits all keyboards, including laptops
  • Ready to use from the moment you put it on your keyboard
  • No software programs
  • No complicated or lengthy training routines
  • No tutorials or boring practice sessions - learn to type whenever you type
  • No system requirements - works with both PC's and Mac's
  • Simple to order through our secure internet link
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